Whiplash Fortnite: Location, Cow Catcher, and Much More!

Whiplash Fortnite Location Cow Catcher
Whiplash Fortnite is here now: Read More Check out the walkthrough videos here on this blog too!

To get 15,000 XP from a Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 weekly mission. Also, gamers should spot a whiplash, stop it. And dish out damage. The Whiplash is a popular car among fans, especially in Fortnite. Within the last season. But why is this automobile so popular? And where is it discovered? Mod a whiplash with off-street tires and a bullbar to then corrupt systems. In addition, it is one of the first weekly challenging situations to deal with. In Fortnite chapter three season three. Also, if you go to the Zero Point location and dance on crashed IO airships. Finally, to complete more Fortnite challenging situations.

After modifying the Whiplash and destroying 50 systems. You can clear the mission and get 15,000 XP so you can start collecting the Modern Battle Pass rewards. The Whiplash is one of many extraordinary vehicles in Fortnite. And gamers are likely to mechanically select it in their spare time as a “Sports Car” alongside “Semis” and “Sedans”. But what are the stats of the Whiplash and where can players spot it in Fortnite?

Well, let’s inspect it. While some weekly challenging situations are straightforward, others will force players to roam the island looking for specific items that are “not so common now”. For example, there is a mission that requires you to have whiplash, a cowcatcher, and off-road tires. Here is a short guide to complete this weekly mission that spends 15,000 XP.

Where to discover the Offroad Tires and Cow Catcher Vehicle mods

The map shows where you can likely get a Whiplash auto repair shop, usually through a gas station. However, like chests, they are not guaranteed to spawn. To discover a secured Whiplash location, visit Chonker’s Speedway, located in the wilderness south of the map. At the beginning of a game, 4 Whiplash vehicles constantly spawn right here. All 4 of them also have off-street tires already mounted, meaning the easiest way to spot a Cow Catcher.


The store must most likely have an off-road tire car mod as floor loot. Even if you don’t find it there now, you could destroy the tire stacks in Chonker’s Speedway and there is a 50% chance that an off-road tire car mod will spawn. As for the Cow Catcher Auto mod, the Stash’d NPC in the store sells it for a hundred gold bars. It is worth noting that he additionally sells off-road tires for fifty gold bars.

Finally in Fortnite!

Considering the season has just started, many players may not have many gold bars. You can constantly search for car mods in the Red Tool Boxes, which are usually found in each main POI. After getting the mods they want, Loopers have to select them and throw them at a car.

This will mechanically upload the mod to the car, and the very last step is to simply ram the whole thing that’s in your way. You need to damage 50 systems to complete the mission and the in-recreation quest menu will notify you once it’s done.

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