When is Genshin Impact Releasing on Xbox? (2022) 


Genshin Impact is a free-to-play anime game originally unveiled at E3 2019. It took about four years to develop and finally released in September 2020 for Windows, Mobile and PlayStation 4. An anime game has received critical acclaim across all platforms.

Almost two years later, a large majority of players are still unsatisfied. As there is no official Xbox port of Genshin Impact. Let’s review each update so far, and then collectively speculate on the possibility of an Xbox port.

Is Genshin Impact available on Xbox?

No, there is no Xbox version of Genshin Impact yet. Publisher miHoYo is currently focused on developing a Switch version of the game. Only after that can you expect it to head to Xbox.

The initial development of Genshin Impact proved to be quite a difficult road for miHoYo. Your game was initially receptive to inappropriate criticism. Some called it a Breath of the Wild look-alike, while others criticized the anime-style visuals.

All in all, free to play gacha game was launched on September 28th, 2020. Surprisingly, Genshin Impact’s Nintendo and Xbox ports were nowhere to be found. This led to initial speculation that both versions would be released soon after.

That deduction was correct, but only for the Nintendo port. Genshin Impact for Switch was reportedly confirmed in October 2020. That might lead you to assume it’s already out for the Switch, but the truth is far from it. The Switch version is still in development two years later.

It currently ranks among the top three grossing games on mobile. It grossed publisher miHoYo more than $3 billion.

It’s quite strange that a port takes so long. A perfectly capable developer like miHoYo could make a new game in that time. Ultimately, this left players with the impression that the Chinese studio is just bad at ports.

Why isn’t Genshin Impact on Xbox?

I can’t give you a solid reason why miHoYo hasn’t made its move to the Xbox platform yet. Rumors suggest that Xbox’s presence in Asia is simply too small. And Asia happens to be Genshin Impact’s concentrated market. This can be highlighted as the nagging cause of the lack of it on Xbox.

Genshin Impact Xbox release date
Image: Genshin Impact

Given the above status for the long-developing Nintendo port, the odds for an Xbox version seem “slim“. If a port is confirmed, you can expect Genshin Impact to be released on Xbox One as well.

Xbox Series X|S owners are eager to harness their ray tracing abilities with Genshin Impact. Unfortunately, they may have to put off their longing to visit Chinju Forest for a while.

Genshin Impact Xbox release date

Expecting Genshin Impact to release in 2022 is wishful thinking at this point. The earliest you can look forward to the release of Genshin Impact on Xbox is early 2024.

The Xbox One is said to have sold over 51 million units. The latest installments in Microsoft’s console saga, the Xbox Series X and S, have reportedly sold 15 million units. That’s serious potential for miHoYo, both for popularity and financial gain.

Xbox has also surpassed PlayStation in its native Japan. That was partially attributed to the PS5’s scarcity, but a win is a win. You can see that Genshin Impact market is open to take full advantage. There’s no shortage of players or hardware limitations to suggest justification for holding back an Xbox release.

miHoYo released a statement in early 2021 talking about next-gen releases. They said, “We have plans for next-gen consoles and will announce them as soon as those plans take shape.” Shortly after, Genshin Impact was released for PS5 only. Talk about a backstab.

Although the statement given suggests that if an Xbox version does take shape it will be for the Series X|S only. This will be a bummer, but still way better than not getting a chance to play it at all.

A prevailing gossip seems to be that Sony paid miHoYo not to release Genshin Impact on Xbox for a certain number of years. But as you know, it’s never good to make such definitive statements. The Xbox platform is proving to be an ever fertile domain for the financial success of the gaming industry. And we know Genshin Impact will come out eventually when there’s money to be made.

Is Genshin Impact on Xbox Game Pass?

Xbox’s esteemed Game Pass has been a devastating force to be reckoned with of late. It contains a catalog of over 100 titles with new additions every month. So this begs the question, will Genshin Impact be available in Xbox Game Pass? To be blunt, I don’t think Genshin Impact will be coming to Xbox Game Pass.

You already know that it follows the “Game as a Service” model. Assuming Game Pass matters is like hoping an umbrella will randomly turn up on a rainy evening. As an aside though, you might see it being part of Game Pass if Microsoft signs an exclusivity deal – again unlikely.

When will Genshin Impact be released on Xbox?
Image: Genshin Impact

Xbox’s Game Pass is single-handedly responsible for PlayStation conducting a complete overhaul of its services. The famous PlayStation Plus had a history of users for decades. But even with the addition of PlayStation Now, all of that has seemingly been washed away. This led to the current tier system subscription service that you can now see on PlayStations.

A trailblazer may be useful, but Game Pass doesn’t fit the theme of miHoYo’s gacha game. We’ll call you if a solid lead comes up. Until then, you can check out this unique collection of all things Genshin Impact.

How do I play Genshin Impact with an Xbox controller?

Are you a die-hard Xbox fan? Well I have a temporary solution for you to quell those urges. By this I’m referring to picking up an Xbox controller and plunging straight into Teyvat.

It’s nice to have a controller, especially for a complex mechanic game like Genshin Impact. Plus, the overall hand-friendliness is just too snug to pass up. You can follow the above steps to get your controller working on Genshin Impact.

USB cable

Xbox controllers are so well supported on Windows that there are multiple ways to connect them. If you have your USB charging cable with you, follow these steps

USB cable controls Genshin Impact
After connecting your controller, go to the settings menu. Change control type.
  • Plug both ends of your USB cable into the appropriate ports on your PC and controller. Turn on your controller.
  • Start Genshin Impact.
  • See in game settings Window.
  • Click on that controls Section. A drop-down menu will appear next to the control type Possibility.
  • Change the selected keyboard control type to controller.
  • You’re ready, so dive into the game.

Bluetooth connection

In this day and age, wired controllers are almost obsolete. Bluetooth connectivity has taken the world by storm. So if you want to connect wirelessly, follow these steps:

Bluetooth and mouse connection genshin effects
From the Bluetooth menu, select Add device
  • From your PC’s home screen, go to the Start menu.
  • you have to go Bluetooth and other devices.
  • Press Add Device option.
  • Turn on your Xbox controller and it will appear as an available connection on your PC screen. Click Connect.
  • Start Genshin Impact, go to settings window and go to controls.
  • Change the keyboard control type to controller. You’re done, so jump into the game.

If you’re a person who can’t play Genshin Impact without an Xbox controller, this is as close as you can get. While this might not be the console couch experience, technically it’s still Microsoft domain.


Genshin Impact Xbox release date
Screenshot of Genshin Impact

It remains unclear why miHoYo will not release Genshin Impact on Xbox. The fragile audience could be a factor, or maybe someone doesn’t want them to release their golden goose on Xbox. They might just be bad at porting games to Microsoft consoles, you know.

Whatever the culprit, the hardware or any factor on Xbox’s part is not responsible. For now, all Xbox owners can hope that the Switch version of Genshin Impact will be released soon. This should eventually pave the way for Xbox version confirmation.

That’s all the information we have on hand for a Genshin Impact Xbox Edition. If you still want to scour more of the game, you’re in luck. A list of all places worth seeing in Teyvat can be found here.

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