What Should I do if a Creeper appears in Minecraft?

What should I do if a Creeper appears in Minecraft?
What should I do if a Creeper appears in Minecraft?

I will explain the functions of the Mob Creeper that appears in Minecraft and how to deal with it. It’s a dangerous mob that you need to be extra careful of when it spawns! A creeper is a green mob, a nasty guy that will approach and self-destruct if it sees a player. After the sound of “Shoo…”, a big explosion!

The force of the explosion is enormous and not only does it severely damage it, it also severely hollows out the terrain. (You can die instantly if you get too close to the Creeper.) Unlike zombies, skeletons, and spiders, they silently chase after the player. So when I realized it, I was caught in an explosion and died.

Also, unlike skeletons and zombies, it doesn’t burn even when exposed to sunlight, so you can walk around during the day, so you won’t be disappointed. If you defeat it without exploding it, it will drop gunpowder. Creepers aren’t good for cats, and they also have a slightly unusual trait.

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What should I do if a Creeper comes out in Minecraft?

First of all, it is important to confirm where you are. If you have something around you that you don’t want to lose in your house, walk away so you can explode. It’s good to fight and defeat, but in some cases it doesn’t want to escape at all. Anyway, when it’s about to explode, it’s important to get even a little away!

How to defeat a Creeper?

Use a bow to safely take it down from afar, or slash with repeated hits and away after performing an attack.

#01. Defeat the Creeper at close range


If you attack while falling, the opponent can be blown away heavily. Once you blow it off with an attack, let’s backtrack a little. If the player is far enough away, the Creeper will come closer after stopping the explosion.

So let’s blow it off with a dash attack the same way. If you repeat this, you can easily beat it! If possible, I want to attack with a weapon stronger than the “Stone Sword”.

#02. How to prevent creepers from spawning

Creepers won’t come out when they’re bright enough like other mobs, so squashing them is a good idea. Especially around the house, if you don’t turn on the lights properly, it can damage the building you’ve built. Also, when entering a dark place like a cave, it is recommended to set up a flashlight first and turn on the light to ensure safety!

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