What is the Spike in Valorant?


If this is your first time playing Valorant, there is a lot to take care of. You’ll have to grapple with agents and character classes, not to mention basics like shooting and aiming. However, if you’re serious about climbing the ranks and mastering Valorant’s core competitive mode, you’ll also need to brush up on the basics of the Spike. If you’ve played other tactical shooters before, the concept of Valorant’s Spike is relatively simple. It basically serves the role of the bomb used by other first-person shooters like Valorant.

The Spike: Understanding the Basics

The spike spawns along with the attacking team at the start of each round. It can be selected by any member of the attacking team. However, you need to be careful about which member of your team will pick you up. This player will hold the spike until killed by enemy fire or dropping it on the field. If you want to hand the spike to another player, make sure you state your intentions. If they’re not paying close attention, they’ll miss the action entirely.

Planting the ear of corn is also fairly easy. However, you can only place the spike in certain areas of the game map. Play on Haven? Aim to plant the spike near A-Default. Here the spike can easily be defended. Prefer to play Fracture? Here you can opt for the A-Default planting site at any time. However, moving slightly to the right gives you a much better vantage point to defend the spike once planted.

What happens next?

Planting the strike takes four seconds. After planting, a countdown timer will be triggered. It takes 45 seconds for the timer to reach zero and explode. This blast will kill almost any agent that is within the blast zone. However, a handful of agents in the duelist class survive the carnage. If you’re playing as Phoenix, use her ultimate ability to escape the detonation. When playing as Reyna, invoke the Dismiss ability to escape.

If you’re on the opposing team, don’t just assume you can always defuse the spike. It takes a full seven seconds to defuse the spike. If you are attacked while defusing, you must stop what you are doing to defend yourself. The good news is that you don’t have to start a def from scratch. If you go back to what you’re doing, the defuse lasts only 3.5 seconds.

Practical tips and techniques

While planting and defusing is easy enough, there are a few techniques you can employ to improve your chances of winning. A great tactic for attackers is to trick your enemies into thinking you’re planting the spike when you’re not. By simply tapping the tip, you can create a sound cue that will make other players think you’re planting it. This can lure them out of hiding and expose them to shots for your teammates to thin out the herd. With fewer enemies to worry about, you can focus again on finding a safer planting spot.

You should also consider which member of your team will do the planting. When the spike is planted, the player who performs the planting gets an ultimate point. As such, it’s a good idea to let weak teammates fill the role, as it allows them to use their ultimate abilities later in the game.

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