HoYoLab Giveaway: Get upto 40 Free Primogems in Genshin Impact

HoYoLab Giveaway: Get up to 40 Free Primogems in Genshin Impact
HoYoLab Giveaway: Get up to 40 Free Primogems in Genshin Impact

HoYoLab is giving away up to 40 free Genshin Impact Primogems to its first 2 million lucky players. They organize a giveaway to celebrate the release of Custom OST. Every time a web event comes with a few codes that give free rewards to all Genshin Impact players. But this time it’s only available for the first 2 million players. So, if you want to learn more about the HoYOLab giveaway, keep reading this blog post.

What are Primogems in Genshin Impact?

Primogems are an in-game currency of Genshin Impact and are also quite rare. In order to purchase characters, artifacts, and many other important items, players need the Primoges in bulk. Well, to balance things out, the game allows players to get these gems in a variety of ways. Additionally, there are some easy ways like freebies to get your hands on a large number of free Primogems in Genshim Impact without doing anything.

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HoYoLab Sweepstakes: The OST of the Abyss

Want a secret tip on free primogems? Well, keep an eye on every HoYoverse (or HoYoLab) web event. Yes, whenever something new comes up in HoYoverse – they make the official announcement with a web event. Then a web event provides codes to get free promotions in Genshin Impact.

One of these web events took place a few days ago at the launch of The Chasms OST. In addition, players will not only get the latest hands-on information and free primogens, but also many other free in-game cosmetics. So, are you ready to get your hands on the free Primogems?

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How to get free Primogems in Genshin Impact Giveaway?


Giveaways are a way to get more people aware of the update (which lure players with free items). HoYoLab is willing to give you free items, but first you need to listen to their three songs. This giveaway is all about the new OST album on which they release many new songs. Now follow the steps below and get free Primogems:

Step-1: Visit HoYoLabs official website page for a giveaway

Step-2: Then play three songs from the album

Step-3: Congratulations! You will receive your Primogems in your account (make sure you log in with your original account).

last thought

This is everything you need to know about the latest Genshin Impact (& HoYoverse) giveaway. Well, you can also win great goods by entering the competition. But you have to work a little if you want to win this competition. For more Genshin Impact news articles, updates, tutorials, etc., be sure to check out our Genshin Impact special session.

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