How to get Belle in Brawl Stars (Belle)


brawl stars is a fast-paced 3v3 multiplayer and battle royale mobile game that lets you play with friends or alone in a variety of game modes in less than three minutes.

Season 6 of Brawl Stars has managed to bring a lot of additional goodies like fresh mythical and chromatic brawlers, skins, maps, modes and much more. This PvP game fascinates players all over the world.

Brawl Stars has tried to meet the needs of the action- and adventure-loving smartphone gamers out there. Unprecedented gaming and multiple brawlers with a wide range of skills has really piqued the interest of the smartphone gaming world.

How to get Belle in Brawl Stars:

Belle is a Chromatic Brawler that can be unlocked as Brawl Pass Reward at Level 30 in Season 6: The Goldarm Gang, or can be obtained from crates after reaching it Level 30 in Season 6 Brawl Pass.

Belle brawl boxing season 6
Image Credit: Morty the Legendary

The likelihood of just getting Chromatic Brawler tends to increase after each Brawl Pass season. The ratings start at LEGENDARY, then increase significantly to MYTHIC and finally EPIC. In Season 6, the chance to unlock Lou is chromatic

Players can get the Brawl Boxes that you can get from the Brawl Pass. These brawl boxes can be acquired by collecting more and more trophies in the game. You can get trophies by playing the game modes and beating all other teams.

Belle’s Specialty and Powers –

  1. Attack: Shocker

Belle fires a long-range punch that ricochets off multiple enemies within 3 squares of each other until the targets are far enough away from others or one is destroyed. Enemies can only bounce one attack off others at a time, whether or not they are hit multiple times by multiple attacks.

The bolts have a one second delay to stick to the attacker before ricocheting off, with subsequent shots dealing half the damage of the original attack and no Supercharge. There is a 0.5 second attack cooldown.

  1. Super: Scout

Belle fires a ranged strike that deals damage and also increases all damage taken by the enemy hit by Belle’s Super by 35% indefinitely until the marked enemy is destroyed or until Belle marks another enemy.

Only one enemy can have this status effect from each Belle. The Super’s effect would not work on stationary victims such as Heist Safes or Siege IKEs. It can stack on top of several other damage-boosting implications, but behaves like inverted armor and has multiplicative effects.

  1. Gadget: nest egg

Belle places a noose on the ground that explodes when stimulated by an opponent. The trap deals 500 damage and slows everyone within its blast area for 3 seconds.

Belle’s Star Power:

  1. Star Power: Positive feedback

Every other time Belle hits an enemy with her primary attack, she also ends up gaining armor that reduces all damage she takes by 25%. Once activated, it takes 3 seconds. This wouldn’t apply to his ricochets and the duration doesn’t really stack.

So here’s how to proceed to unlock Belle. Make sure you start grinding for Belle right away.

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