Fortnite Dragon Rune Lance Issue: Let’s Learn About the Pickaxe!

Fortnite Dragon Rune Lance Edition - Dragon Rune Lance Fortnite - Pickaxe
Fortnite Dragon Rune Lance Issue: Let’s learn more about the pickaxe and when it’s coming back! Also with tweets and videos!

Unfortunately, many players have picked a bad time by purchasing this item from the Season 3 Battle Pass. Until Epic can fix this. Nobody can use pickaxe now. Once the new Battle Pass became accessible. On top of that, players are excited as it is the best so far. Also with the cool seasonal theme “Vibin” with trendy cosmetics. And the great awards to be won. But the question lies. What’s the coolest thing so far? The answer, of course, is the Dragon Rune Lance Fortnite! Although only some players could not use it. Why? It’s because Epic Games disabled it. So let’s see the Fortnite Dragon Rune Lance issue.

Therefore, learn more about the Fortnite Dragon Rune Lance and why it is disabled. Firstly, this harvesting tool is part of Season 3. Secondly, it is also an important part of Dragon Rider Set Build. Third, it is a built set for the Adria character. Some players cannot see it yet. That’s because it depends on the progress you’ve made in the game in this game. This item is unlocked at level 20 since it is on the 3rd page. It’s also causing quite a stir as its Dragon Rune Lance is now disabled.

If we look at the big picture. The main problem with disabling it is that some have it unlocked. Which makes them want it in their arsenal. Frankly, it puts those who don’t have it at an unfair disadvantage. Also, if there could be a problem with Fortnite Dragon Rune Lance, others would also like to know. So let’s answer all the questions related to this article one by one.

Why is Dragon Rune Lance Fortnite disabled?

First, let’s know that the news came from disabling the tool itself Fortnite Official Account on Twitter. Get updates and teasers here. And much more about every small change in the game. Fixed some issues with the pickaxe. So it was disabled and posted on the official account on this issue. However, it was not said what the Fortnite Dragon Rune Lance problem was.


There’s one too concise video that tells the level of the problem with the pickaxe. It is a famous channel that is GKI. The advantage of Dragon Rune Lance Fortnite is this. It removes the audio of the player’s footsteps. And full, so you don’t hear anything at all. The Visualize Sound Effects option is also affected by Pickaxe. Since it eliminates entire visual indicators once you equip it. This is a major advantage that the pickaxe has. It’s much clearer now why Epic Games thought of disabling it.

But when will it come back?

Nobody has an idea for now. What is clear is that if Dragon Rune Lance Fortnite comes back. The glitch, i.e. the effect of the muted footsteps, is stopped. It is truly an unfair pro that offers many benefits. So it’s reasonable that it won’t come back until the problem is completely resolved. However, many players wasted their Battle Stars to acquire the pickaxe. In short, this means that Epic Games wants to get it off the ground as early as possible. And thus also in a lawful functioning. Therefore, it could be included in the upcoming new patch notes. Or it can also be fixed by a simple hotfix.

Above all, don’t worry, it won’t be long before everyone can use it like others backling or Fortnite ballers. Just without the features we discussed.

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