Destiny 2 How to Complete Bonfire Bash


Bonfire Bash is destiny 2 latest seasonal activity coming to us for Solstice 2022. It’s a fun little activity that takes place in the repeated European Arial Zone. However, like everything Bungie does, it’s not a super easy process to complete.

I’m going to tell you how to complete Bonfire Bash destiny 2 – as well as how to claim rewards in Bonfire Bash destiny 2. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll have no trouble farming it to your heart’s content.

Destiny 2 how to complete Bonfire Bash

Eliminate the Taken Blight

Destiny 2 how to complete Bonfire Bash - Mission start.
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When you first load into Bonfire Bash, you’ll need to eliminate the Taken Blight that’s hovering over where the bonfire should be in the center of the arena.

The European Arial Zone is quite large and divided into three distinct parts. You have the main arena (where you load up and where the beacon is located), then you have a northwest and northeast section. These two sections are only used for the Taken Blights that appear during the activity, so don’t worry about them too much.

Just go to the middle of the arena and eliminate the taken. This will start the Bonfire Bash activity properly.

Kill the ignition carriers and light the bonfire

Igniter in Bonfire Bash
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Once the taken have been killed and the campfire appears, you should split up your fireteam. You all look for yellow bar enemies called Ignition Carriers. These will be main variants of the race you are fighting in this particular instance of Bonfire Bash.

Killing one of these primers will drop a bullet called primer. You can pick up these orbs and throw them at the campfire to ignite it. Each charge you add to the campfire increases the number of Silver Leaves converted into Silver Ashes, up to a maximum of 20.

Each Leaf gives you five Ashes, so the maximum conversion you can get from a single Bonfire Bash is converting 20 Silver Leafs into 100 Silver Ashes.

There are five designated spawn locations for the Ignition Carriers on the map. There’s one on the top left of the campfire, one on each side in the middle, and one at the back of the arena. You can throw the balls across the arena, allowing you to send a player to any part of the arena to speed up your progress.

Clean up the Taken

Taken Blight.
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After throwing a few primers into the campfire, a Taken Blight will appear in one of the back areas of the European Arial Zone. In the center of the main area in front of the campfire are cannons that you shoot over to either side. You can also use your Sparrow here, so try not to waste too much time going to these locations.

You must eliminate these possessed to continue progressing with your campfire. This phase usually occurs twice per run.

Kill More Ignition Carriers – Rinse and repeat

After dealing with the Taken Blights, head back to the bonfire in the main arena. The Ignition Carriers will start spawning again and you will flush and repeat this process until you either have 20 charges in the campfire or the timer runs out.

Even with a random fireteam, you should never reach 20 charges here. Once you get into a rhythm, you can do laps around the area simply by killing the detonators and ignoring everything else.

Kill the heat drinker

Obsessed heat drinker.
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After the timer runs out or you reach 20 charges in the campfire, the heat drinker will appear in the center of the arena. He’s a hulking Taken Ogre with quite a bit of health for a seasonal activity boss. However, he doesn’t have Health Gates, so you can just drive him crazy.

Once he’s dead, the activity will complete and you can claim your rewards.

How to claim rewards in Bonfire Bash – Destiny 2

How to complete Bonfire Bash ni Destiny 2 - How to claim rewards in Bonfire Bash
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As usual, Bungie shot itself in the foot with the wording. The prompt to “Claim rewards in Bonfire Bash” confuses many players. But you don’t have to, because you don’t actually have to do anything.

Completing a Bonfire Bash will automatically convert up to 20 Silver Leaves in your inventory into Silver Ashes. Everything else is spat out as engrams in front of the bonfire. Once you collect this gear, claim rewards in Bonfire Bash destiny 2.

However, there are two caveats. If you’re already full of Silver Ashes, your Silver Leaves will be burned, but you’ll stop getting Ashes and essentially lose them. If you don’t wear Candescent Armor, you won’t get Ashes either – the more of the armor you wear, the more Ashes you earn. So keep that in mind when playing Bonfire Bash destiny 2.

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