Destiny 2 Austringer God Roll for PvE and PvP


This destiny 2 Ausstringer god rolls are a lot more flexible than you might be used to. Usually a weapon has one or two god rolls and that’s it. Ausstringer has a handful of perks that work interchangeably well, though. That makes it a pretty versatile weapon that is one too 140 rpm Hand Cannon – one of the most popular archetypes in the game.

I’m going to break down the two Ausstringer god roles I’ve compiled for you here. I have a few perk recommendations if you don’t like my roles, but the general functionality of them remains the same regardless. This is a flexible weapon – so think of these god rolls as more of a guide than anything else.

So with that said, here are my two determination 2 Ausstringer god rolls for PvE and PvP.

Destiny 2 Ausstringer God Rolls

Ausstringer PvE God Roll

Destiny 2 Ausstringer PvE God Roll
Screenshot via D2Gunsmith
  • Hammerforged Rifle
  • Top-class rounds
  • To forbid
  • Rampage

As a 140 rpm Hand Cannon already has Ausstringer at a distinct advantage over most other re-released/refurbished weapons. It belongs to the strongest weapon class at all destiny 2, at least for PvP. As such, it doesn’t rely on gimmicks to make it META-ready. There is no light bulb or tombstone here. Instead, both of these stringer god roles are dated in their functionality and effectiveness.

At the beginning we have a combination of Hammerforged Rifle and Top-class rounds to help us increase our assortment numbers a bit. Hammer Forged is a flat +10 to range without any downsides, so there’s no reason not to run it. high grade is a little more likeable. It’s an extra five range that I like, but I know a lot of people in PvE aren’t a fan of it. Personally, I think the extra stun the perk gives is invaluable, but you can make up your own mind up here.

The meat and bones of this Ausstringer PvE God Roll are the same combination of benefits you’ve seen in countless God Rolls of the past. I choose a combination To forbid and Rampagebut there is an argument for using it Triple tap and rage interchangeable with these two perks. Ultimately, any combination of these four advantages results in a pretty powerful god roll, which I simply prefer Rampage and To forbid.

What constitutes a god roll is largely universal. Any weapon with a perk that affects your uptime (how long you can shoot before reloading, or the speed at which you reload) and a perk that affects your damage in combat is likely a god roll.

To forbid serves as our uptime bonus. Ausstringer’s basic handling and reload speed are pretty lousy. To forbid we can ignore this weakness by significantly increasing our reload speed every time we reload after a precision kill. That combines pretty well Rampagewhich gives us a damage increase per kill, up to 33% on three kills for a short period of time – with additional kills refreshing the buff.

rage is similar, although his buff is based on dealing and receiving damage, and Triple tap lets you shoot longer, but it doesn’t handle Ausstringer’s painfully slow reload speed.

I personally find them Outlaw / Rampage Combo is superior, but both can be brought into endgame PvE activities fairly conveniently.

Ausstringer PvP God Roll

Destiny 2 Ausstringer PvP God Roll
Screenshot via D2Gunsmith
  • Hammerforged Rifle
  • Top-class rounds
  • Snapshot Sights
  • opening shot

As a hand cannon, Ausstringer takes on Fatebringer in PvE. It will never win that fight, meaning it will never be the dominant hand cannon in the PvE META. As a 140 rpm, However, it has a real shot at climbing to the top of the PvP food chain.

I keep the combination of Hammerforged Rifle and Top-class rounds for the stringer PvP God Roll. While you can swap out high grade In PvE, the extra impact it gives to your shots is far more valuable in PvP. The range also benefits Hammer Forged is just too good to ignore, making these two almost mandatory.

The third and fourth columns give you some variety and choice. You could probably bring my PvE godroll to the Crucible and do well with it – To forbid is always a great PvP advantage, and Rampage is blown away once you get it online. However, I’m opting for something more specialized and unique for hand cannons.

The PvP combo off Snapshot Sights and opening shot on a hand cannon is not uncommon. However, you’re more likely to find this combo in shotguns and snipers.

Snapshot Sights is pretty self-explanatory as to why it is so powerful. The faster you can ADS, the more likely you are to shoot on target and the more likely you are to win shootouts. Fast ADS times are a staple for competitive action shooters like destiny 2so whenever you have the opportunity to increase it – do it.

opening shot, but could use a little more explanation. It’s a useful perk, so it doesn’t directly increase our damage. What it does do, however, is give us 20 aim assist and 25 range on the first bullet we fire – with the game registering 3.1 seconds between shots to reset the buff.

This range buff is incredible and means we have +45 range on the first bullet we fire at a 140 hand cannon. If you’ve set foot in the Crucible recently, you know how powerful it is. You’ll deal insane damage from ridiculous distances while infuriating your opponents.

Ausstringer is a PvP META weapon and can hold its own in PvE. It’s not a fat bringer, but it’s worth experimenting with for yourself.

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