Candescent Armor Destiny 2 Explained


The Candescent armor is destiny 2‘s latest armor set. It came to us with the 2022 Solstice and has radically changed the way the event works compared to the years before.

However, Bungie never makes it easy for us. The Candescent armor system is overly complicated, involving three different currencies, four tiers of upgrades, a unique activity, and a whole host of farming.

I’ll break everything down for you as simply as I can. I’ll cover what each currency in the event does, how to reroll your Candescent Armor, how to upgrade it, and more.

So if you are confused that the Candescent Armor system is being used destiny 2 Solstice 2022, I stand behind you.

Destiny 2 How does Candescent Destiny 2 Armor work?

Destiny 2 Bulb Armor Explained - Helm.
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When you speak to Eva Levante in the Tower for the first time during the 2022 Solstice, you will receive a package containing a full set of Bulb Armor. Your main source of more Candescent Armor are drops from the Bonfire Bash activity.

Each slot of the Candescent Armor (head, arms, torso, legs, class item) has three tiers. At level three, armor gains its shine. These levels are universal for all candescent armor in this slot. So if you upgrade your helm to tier 3, any other helm that falls will also be tier 3. To upgrade your Candescent Armor, use Kindling. It takes a total of six Kindling to get your armor to level three.

Each tier you upgrade unlocks an additional rep for that armor piece.

  • level 0 Glowing Armor cannot be rerolled.
  • level one Armor can be rerolled once.
  • stage two Armor can be rerolled twice,
  • stage three Armor can be rerolled three times, with the third allowing you to focus on a specific stat.

Once you get a tier three armor slot, you can repeat any additional armor discards in that slot twice periodically and once with a focus.

However, once you have performed all three rerolls on a piece of armor, you cannot reroll it. You need to get another piece of armor to keep rolling for stats. For example, if you reroll a helmet three times, you must get a different helmet. No piece of armor can be rerolled more than three times.

How to Reroll Candescent Armor Destiny 2

Shining Embers upgrade
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To reroll a piece of armor, use Ashes of Silver. Silver Ash is the Solstice 2022 event currency, obtained by burning Silver Leaves in Bonfire Bash.

However, you upgrade your armor levels with Kindling. Kindling, unlike Silver Leaves, is in limited supply and can only be obtained by completing the specific challenges on your event map. Complete these challenges and get all of your Candescent armor destiny 2 Slots up to level three should have priority.

That’s pretty much it. Kindling upgrades each piece of armor three times, and you only have to do it once. Then you can reroll each individual piece of armor three times with silver ash. It’s that simple (although the game doesn’t make it appear that way).

Solstice 2022 will not last forever. It’s possibly the best event in Destiny’s history for farming god roll armor, so grind it up as much as possible.

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