Bushy Bulb Fortnite: Why is it Disabled For Everyone in Game?

Bushy Bulb Fortnite Disabled
Bushy Bulb Fortnite is now open to players: Read More

Fortnite regularly features new cosmetics that may be offered. Within the item shop or earned through in-game finishing quests. As part of the Ultimate Week storytelling quests, players were presented with the Bushy Bulb lower back trinket, known as the Seedling from the reality tree. Now it has been eliminated from the sport and many players are curious as to why. The Bushy Bulb lower back bling that Fortnite players should have unlocked is currently disabled. YouTuber Tabor Hill noted a lock on one of the bottom trinkets in his locker, saying the brand new item was quickly disabled or most conveniently available on a positive platform.

The Bushy Bulb is a backbling beauty that comes with the brand new Fortnite Season 3 chapter three, and it joins Battle Royale’s long and ever-evolving list of cool looking skins and items for players to liberate and show off in-game. However, recently some players who had unlocked the back bling may have found that it was disabled and could not be equipped.

This is similar to the last elimination of the dragon rune lance, a harvesting tool, as the item now allowed players to stop making footstep sounds once they were able to move. Players have been asking why, so let’s explore why the weapon is being eliminated (for now). This guide explains why the Bushy Bulb Backbling is disabled in Fortnite.

Why is the bushy onion back bling disabled in Fortnite?

Corresponding FortniteStatus, there may be a “problem” with the item. That’s an incredibly vague answer. However, it is all the account has given customers at the time of writing. They point out that the lower back jewelry will eventually be equippable again. However, the builders no longer offered a timetable for this. The object has a bug, so they eject it onto paintings on that bug.

This isn’t the first beauty item to be eliminated with the help of Epic in the past few weeks due to a groundbreaking bug. Previously, the Dragon Rune Lance was eliminated as it silenced players’ footsteps even if they were using it, giving an unfair advantage. This object will be eliminated from the game about a week earlier than it returned here.

While there’s nothing to say While the Bushy Bulb can be constant and placed further down the game, players can still earn it by completing the narrative quests. As part of custom quests, players get close and private to the reality tree and its seedlings, presenting one to the contestant to place on their lower back. Inside the games.

Epic are working on a restoration of the Bushy Bulb back bling and could likely bring it back to Fortnite in the coming days. Given that the lower back jewelry is a plot-related form, this seems unlikely. However, it is no longer impossible in the game.


When it returns (and for now), the challenging situations are still manageable. They will still provide the lower back jewelry to Fortnite game enthusiasts. It’s just probable after it’s constant. Here’s the way to get it. To free this beauty, players must complete 4 of the Vibin quests, which are the most action-packed situations this season. These consist of week one quests, and the total amount of Vibin’ quests for this week are:

  • Set up the tool uplink
  • Gather meals and supplies for the party! (6)
  • Interact with Party Poppers in the Rave Cave (5)
  • Set up the tool uplink
  • Destroy Gadgets at Ancient IO Outposts (10)
  • Spray peace sprays on systems at ancient IO outposts (three)
  • Set up the tool uplink
  • Then you need to collect the Reality Seeds from the Reality Pods.
  • Take a Reality Seed to 3 distinctive named locations
  • Plant or transplant a Reality Seed

These quests want to be completed so that you can move on to the next one without delay. The tool uplink locations will alternate on each occasion, but are marked on the map. As you soar above the challenge. The storyline quests aren’t the most practical for getting a loose beauty. However, additionally a notable amount of XP in Chapter Three Season Three.

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